Tailormade Databases

Creatively Crafted

Database Design for Small Businesses

We tailor-make databases to streamline your admin and business processes.

We also provide an ‘off-the-shelf’ database for Sozo or Counselling Administration, which can be purchased ‘as is’ or tailored to your needs.

Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Why choose a tailor-made database?

Off-the-shelf databases can be cheap and cheerful, but also frustrating, as they don’t quite meet your needs. A database tailor-made to your exact business processes can pay for itself in a very short time through the significant amounts of time that can be saved.

It is tailored to your needs:

caters for each step in your business processes

 automated emails, reminders, alerts, warnings and overdue items

tailored reports / letters /documents

statistics and analysis

Hours of admin saved

No more duplicating of data

Analyse your business

Task management

Reports and statistics

Importing of customer applications, requests, feedback

Automated emails

Information found at a click

We have been delighted with the service provided by Judith and her team and would highly recommend her company to you. From the concept stage Judith worked closely with us to understand the needs of our organisation. She used her skill and expertise to produce much more than we imagined could be possible. The finished product is highly intuitive and provides us with all the information we need to manage Teens in Crisis on a day to day basis. We are able to produce reports in an instant, saving our team hours of time each month!

Judith BellDirector of Counselling - Teens in Crisis

Our ethos

We are about making IT accessible and friendly. We speak English and not techie speak. Our aim is simply to make life easier, to save you lots of time and bring greater efficiency and accuracy to your business processes.

We are also about helping you improve what you do; by enabling you to analyse your business, through statistical reports, trend graphs, summary data etc.

Our approach is creative. We look for how we can do more than you expect; to automate those areas that hadn’t crossed your mind. We are flexible. We expect your database to grow and evolve.  We are there to provide new ideas and hone it into that database tailor-made for you.

We give you flexibility. Our databases are designed to be as data driven as possible. If you need to add a new type of customer/ product / category etc, wherever possible you can add new options to the database through the setup forms.

We are about data security. Our databases are encrypted and password controlled. Data confidentiality and security is paramount and compliance with the Data Protection act (GDPR).

Our Service

Our approach is to start by sitting down with you and getting a thorough understanding of your business processes and of your current admin. We walk through what you would like the database to do; who will use it; the current areas where a lot of time is spent in administration; the information you send out to customers/clients/partners and in marketing; the facts and figures and statistics that would be helpful in evaluating what you do.

We then make suggestions of how the database could look and work; the features it would have; and the flexibility it could have if your business moves into new areas. We then make recommendations or suggestions of additional features to maximise the benefit of your data and automate further areas you hadn’t thought of.

As we develop the database, we keep you in the loop so modifications can be made and new thoughts incorporated, so you are happy with the outcome.

We also have experience in developing customer feedback and evaluation questionnaires if that is required.

If needed, we can provide training to your team and ongoing support.

The database created by Judith at DataArtisan has become the foundation stone of our business. Our customer process is now simple and ultra-efficient freeing our staff from hours of admin each week. The reports generated by the database give us a detailed and clear understanding of our customer base and have given us the ability to distinguish successful marketing campaigns from the less successful ones. Freeing up our staff capacity to focus on our business objectives has been incredibly important for us.

MikePod Expeditions

Who are we

We are more than IT techies. We are also friendly analysts with a background in statistics who want to help your charity or business become more efficient, succeed and grow; and take the mundane and repetitive out of your work.

Judith, the lead analyst and developer has over 25 years experience in designing databases.

We have designed databases for human resources data management, a volunteering travel company, a counselling service, a distance learning college, customer relationship management, staff engagement surveys and many other needs…

Since using the data base life has become so much easier. Placing client information from google forms to the data base happens at the click of a button - wonderful! Information is easy to find and clear to see who has appointments and who is waiting. Communication to the clients has been streamlined by having emails prepared and ready to send at the click of a button. The whole data base is easy to use and has saved so much time. I highly recommend it.

ChrisHead of Pastoral Care - Trinity Cheltenham

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